Mini Thesis “Advise Me” First Prototype Spec


– My first Playable Prototype would have the basic functionality of accepting sound, then motion to trigger videos. The narrative elements will be very limited.

Prototype Logic

Interactivity: Sound from the User is sensed by the Max Patch. The Max Patch then plays a Prompting Video that solicits the user to interact with the sensors. The Sensors send data to the Max Patch via Arduino. The Max Patch controls the playing of videos based on sensor input.

Logic and behavior of any elements:
The Sound Triggers a Video Prompt to approach the Sensor. The Sensor triggers a video for the user to watch. At the end of the video, the Video Prompt starts again.

Logic and flow of any screens:
Advisor Films lead to a randomly chosen Social Education Films.
Eventuall the Advisor Films will be more varied.

Prototype Assets

All content, visual and audio elements that will be necessary for creating the alpha prototype:

Social Media Films
Advisor Videos
Max/MSP Patches
Infrared Sensors

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