Mini-Thesis: “Advise Me” Description

What is it?

“Advise Me” is an interactive installation that hopes to challenge your views on asking a stranger for advice.

What is the platform?

The Platform for “Advise Me” is based off of Max/MSP, Arduino and Sensors. The Max/MSP software will handle sound recognition, video selection/playback and interpreting sensor data.

What is the length of the user experience?

It varies, after the user starts to interact with the piece, the interaction can last as long as three minutes.

For what kind of user are you designing?

Considering that this is an installation, I am keeping artists in mind as I try to construct this aesthetically.

How do you expect to get it in front of these users?

After rounds of testing with some local artists in the city, I plan on submitting this work to galleries and artist run spaces/collectives.

What is the overall kind of experience that users will have?

I hope users will be intrigued enough to play along with the Advisor. After they ask to be advised and sidle up to the screen, they are given advice that doesn’t necessarily fit their lifestyle, particular problem, or is incomplete. The users reaction may vary. I hope that there will be a feeling of amusement from the social education video or disappointment from the Advisor not being helpful.

What are the sound, visual, and story (if any) components of the experience?

There are multiple components involved in “Advise Me.”
Sound: The user hears the Advisor give instructions, the user must start the interaction with the Advisor by responding to the Advisor.

Visual: The visuals are all videos. The Advisor’s interactions and the Social Education Films are all edited shorts.

Story: Each Social Education film is an encapsulated story. There is also the narrative attached to the Advisor.

Sensors: There will be either PIR or IR Infrared Sensors to detect the presence of the supplicant.

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