Mini Thesis “Advise Me” Production

Platforms and Tools:

– Language and Platforms:
Hardware: Arduino, Physical IR-Sensors
Software: Max/MSP, Arduino Programming Environment

– What are other tools you will need for audio, visual, and other components?



First Prototype on Friday April 9: Basic Sensor Function and Video Playback.

– Early Alpha 4/20: Audio Sensing and Infrastructure for Logic.

– Final Alpha (end of semester): Advisor Videos and Social Education Videos.

– Next Iterations: Multiple Advisor Personas to choose from and Different Social Education Videos.

Risks & Uncertainties

– The Role of Advisor still must be cast.

– Internal Logic to handle Advisor Videos transitioning into Social Education Videos is still experimental.

– The Social Education films might be too ambiguous. Further User Testing will hopefully help to establish context.

– Sensors can be rather finicky. Calibration is important to getting the correct outcome.

– Some users might want a more one to one result from asking for advice. Further modifications to the Advisor Video might be necessary.

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