Best Articles I read Last Week

The Best UX/Tech articles that I read last week 6/27

These are the best UX/Tech articles that I’ve read for the week of 6/27.

One Googler’s Take on Managing Your Time
by Jeremiah Dillon
As many of my co-workers can attest, my entire scrum team blocks out two “head’s down” days so that we can work uninterrupted by meetings. Jeremiah’s take on managing “maker time” extends this practice beyond scrum team, and is an inclusive definition of maker. This extends the idea of making to Project Managers and Product Managers.

If you’re at the edge of “How do I carve out enough time to work?” Watch the video. Twice.

It’s Portfolio Season – Here’s 8 Things I Wish I Knew While Designing Mine by Emelyn Baker
Portfolio season is a particular time of year for UX/UI, time for scoping out other members in the community and the ritual stink-eye towards your own work. Emelyn approaches the subject matter with examples from her own experiences.
I like to see UX Managers who set examples of the design thinking that their organization is looking for.

Design Review Podcast: Episode 40 The Myth of The Power User by Jonathan Shariat and Chris L

I’ve expanded my “Best Last Week” list to podcasts and I’m excited that Design Review will be the first Podcast that I will be sharing.
Chris and Jon explore an idea that has been on my mind as a UX designer grappling with legacy software and a user base that has divergent needs. When a business talks about a “Power User” what do they mean at the core of it? Chris and Jon discuss this scenario thoroughly, which is a great aide for UX designers who are looking towards design and business goals.

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