Stop Making Users Explore


“So… why are all the links styled the same way as the body copy?”

UXer X:

“The users will explore and find the links.”


“stop that”

Let’s look at why this is a terrible situation to place your users in.

As a user, I want to accomplish a set number of tasks. If I’m exploring your interface, I’m not doing my tasks.
If I’m exploring your app, I’m thinking, about why I can not find the page I’m looking for.
I’m not thinking about your palette, your design patterns, or your visual design.
None of that matters.
I like to discover new music, videos, articles and games.

None of these are your interface.

Monument Valley's silent princess

Monument valley is a well designed exploration, within a scoped space.

Your product is a means to an end. Help your users find it.

Medium article: stop making users explore

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