Keeping Wireframes Fresh pt 2: Revisiting Your Motivations

As an Information Architect, I deliver annotated wireframes for a multi-system learning platform. I spend hours grooming stories , getting the full set of requirements right, sketching, wireframing and making flow diagrams. This level of preparation is so that I can review these documents with 10 smart people who will have questions, very detailed questions. Quality Assurance will develop scripts based off of my wireframes. Engineering teams will print them out and ask follow up questions if there is any sort of confusion.

I’m invested in making these wireframes look great and tell a complete story. They’re shades of grey, white and blue and I want them to look fantastic.
It gets the idea across to the product owners, who may have varying levels of knowledge with the platform.
It’s my chance to have a say in the future of this software and I want it to be bold, beautiful and clear to use.

My customers are more than the millions of students and instructors that use the end product. It’s also the people I see everyday and work shoulder to shoulder with.

Walking out of a fifteen minute meeting with a “We’re done, have a great weekend” is a killer feeling.