Mini-Thesis: “Advise Me” About

The Interactive Piece called “Advise Me” aims to address the concerns of prescriptive advice in the form of advice columns and social education films, that seek to impose the advice giver’s morality onto the supplicant.

“Advise Me” explores the ideas of prescribed morality, with the conservative American nostalgia of morality in particular. In constructing this criticism of morality and the I plan to have “Advise Me” exist as an interactive installation. A video loop plays, instructing the supplicant to ask aloud for advice and then to come closer to the screen. After the supplicant approaches, a short social education video plays. This video may or may not answer the actual problems of the supplicant. After the video ends, the “Advice Giver” reappears, beckoning to the supplicant to ask for advice.

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