A Practice Lecture for Interactive Installations and Performances

Part One: Introduction and Planning

Part 2: Being Realistic and Being Flexible

Edited Apr 26 to add reflection:

In working on this video I had to look at my syllabus very carefully for a subject that I could convey quickly, with visual aids and also in some sort of depth. I recently had an experience with installing work that I realized would be the perfect teaching opportunity. I started looking through my syllabus for a location to insert this video lesson in and realized that having more classes that were focused on the problems of installing would be beneficial. I also took the written feedback for my syllabus into consideration and revised my syllabus first. I began adjusting the focus of the coursework that would be covered, such that my lesson would be better suited for the course.

This video was a bit difficult to make, although I would say that I am not a stranger to lecturing in class. I would say that I was in a difficult position because although twenty minutes seem to be an overwhelming amount of time to lecture, you can quickly run out of time as the lecture goes on. I was checking off each point that I wanted to make as I accomplished it and also going back to re-record parts of the lecture. I was concerned about being heard clearly and having something effective to say to my students. I think my biggest worry is that I have about fourteen minutes of my face in the videos. I never realized how animated my face is. Watching it now is surreal to me. When taping, I asked several of my friends if my facial expressions were indeed normal for me.

If I could critique my lecture,I would have added more visuals to the later phases, just to break up the focus on my face. I did shoot the project specifically so that my hands were mostly not on display because I do realize that I talk with my hands and some might find it distracting. In making the video, I included text to highlight my points so that viewers can follow while I taught. If taught in a longer lecture, I would continue the lecture and come up with more visual examples and an in-class activity showing how to come up with a timeline for installing a project.

In working on this lecture, I became acutely aware of how far I still have to go to become an effective teacher. I am awed by how much effort is put out by educators and am enthused about improving my lessons and skills so that I may become a better lecturer.

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