Thoughts on using Persona in User Scenarios

Develop a persona based on work that you have already done:
Do research and make this persona the main character in a scenario.
What is this person like? What does he/she need?

Scenario:  a situation where the main prototype or idea is used.
creating a real context for a user.

This helps the design team imagine the context inwhich the design will live.
This will help you explain to other members of the team, pitch to client, what the design is, what the features are,
and the needs that it will meet.

This is a story telling device, but not a subtitution for testing with real people.

Experience at Entry, During and Exit.

Ways to build a scenario:

1. Improvisation/ Bodystorming/ Play Acting
Design Research by Brenda Laurel
Example: Redesigning the Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

2. Storyboarding/Image Sequence

Relevant Film: by Noam Toran

Desire Management

Develop Personas empathetically, to really understand these users as complex people.

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