Lethe is a video installation in which a loop of Social Education film is manipulated programmatically. The loop features different major events in the lives of the fictional women such as marriage, spousal disagreements, choosing whether to have children or not. These events are manipulated by either delaying video frames, showing repeated actions, or by abstracting the scene such that the figures are shapeless masses of black, white and grey. As the video loops though the scenes, the understanding of the events happening is modified for the viewers, such that two viewers, who saw the loop at different times, would have a different understanding of how they perceived the emotions of events that are happening.
Lethe 2010
Video Installation

Cinderella’s Illuminated Gown

Cinderella’s Illuminated Gown is a fiber optic/LED/fibre, time-based installation that unravels the interstitial state of transformation and ephemeral nature of Cinderella’s Gown. The project focuses on the role of Cinderella’s gown as a portal between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Fiber Optics, LEDs, Fibre, Steel Rods
Variable Dimensions

ACM: Interactions Magazine – Embroidered Confessions

Conference Talks:
Critical Themes in Media 2011
MFA DT Thesis site and symposium

Scribbling Speech

Scribbling Speech is an organic performance and installation. The artist writes all of her responses to interaction and stimulus in marker on the wall of the performance space, creating historical trails of the experience. Each of the columns are the height of the artist, to keep the footprint of the piece human size.
The Performance took place Feb. 18th 2009 from 10am-6:30pm.

Logically Speaking

Logically Speaking combines the frustrations, desires, estrangement and fantastic quotidian observations of an artist abroad. These words are paired with logical notation and proofs that resolve easily in comparison.