Teaching Philosophy

Teaching allows me and my students a unique opportunity to begin an exchange ideas that can begins on the first day of class and lasts throughout our lifetimes. I bring the same principles that I apply in my own practice to teaching students, encouraging exploration to push pass boundaries, critical conceptual development and engagement in the world around the artist, locally and globally.


As an artist, I am continuously looking forward and at the immediate past as a source for my work. I also want to encourage this conscious reflection of historical knowledge and give my students the ability to use this knowledge to understand what is happening now and prepare for what is coming next. The world is becoming increasingly multi-modal and by keeping a close eye on new methods and materials in contemporary practice, an artist working in primarily one mode can expand their practice.


I am passionate about teaching. Each opportunity to teach another artist has been a chance for me to see growth in myself and in my practice. Coming from both a technical background, fine art and design background, I have both methodology that is applicable to fine arts and experience to share with growing artists. Since I began teaching, I have strived to act as a role model for other women and minorities in technology and art. I want to share my resources, skills and knowledge with students to help them gain an important foothold in understanding contemporary art methodology and building a strong foundation as artists. I hope that my contributions aid each student that leaves the university with an ability to critically look at the world, utilize the knowledge that they have developed and the ability to fulfill their potential.