Best Articles I read Last Week

Best UX/Tech Articles that I read the week of 1-11-16

These are the best UX/Tech articles that I’ve read for the week of 1/11.

How to make sense of any mess by Abby Covert

Abby Covert is what I consider the archetype of an Information Architect. She has released her book “How to make sense of any mess” as a hyperlinked page. In a way this is far beyond just an article, more of a valuable resource.

This is my most emailed link for the week, since it contains an intermediate-advanced level of information architecture and user experience.

Putting My Patterns through Their Paces  by Ethan Marcotte

Ethan takes on multi-hatted role of UX designer to look at solving a problem beyond workflow and consistent pattern usage. He examines the problem in a three dimensional manner that

Designing Adobe Portfolio by Andrew Couldwell

Andrew Couldwell disects how Adobe approached the design for the Adobe Portfolio. This article is a combination of the “sell” for why I should use Adobe Portfolio and also a strong presentation of Andrew’s process in a case study.

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