Active Philosophy

Laura Simpson
5’2″. Energetic source for ideas and explosions.
May program, but I want to make code dance and pixels quiver.

On Video:
Video has surprisingly become my medium of choice, but not for the same narratives that I watch on television. I make narratives out of nothing. Video is a powerful critical tool in examining aspects of time, qualities of space and how I perceive them.

On Installation Art:
Installation has taken on many meanings for me. At first blush, they seemed to be sculptures that refused to be “outdoors” sculpture, made of rock, metal or plastic. Upon second, third and fourth investigations, Installation is ever growing and evolving. Can my little creations grow to take up all of your attention?

On Design:
Design is an amazingly organic process, that flourishes within a structured system of prototyping, testing and iteration. I’m not really a designer, but I’ll steal design methods and process.