Major Studio: Who am I?

What am I interested in?

Art at the intersection of multiple media, and social identities.

Video, Interactivity, Installations and Writing

What Artists do I think are working in a way that I find interesting?

I don’t think that I could make a meaningful list of all of the artists that I think are doing interesting work, but I think that many artists go through a time period where there are clear influences by other artists.

In the last year, when I was in Montreal, I was inspired by some work of the following artists:

Nelson Hendricks

Rafael Lozano Hemmer

Allyson Mitchell

Jenny Holzer In particular, I think “Please Change Beliefs” and Truisms is why I am an artist.

What Conference do I want to go to this year?

Ars Electronica

I actually should strongly consider:

CAA I jjst missed this years, but I will go to next year’s conference.


Siggraph (maybe..for some reason, I just don’t think I fit in, maybe I’m too in love with being an outsider)

I got tickets to Pax East, although I would not call it terribly academically rigorous. Some of the Panels look promising.

I am on the committee that is organizing Critical Themes in Media

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