“Networking on the Network” Philip Agre

Agre’s article resonated with my overall goals of entering academia, yet, like many articles on academia, it feels like a awkward fit for a academic in the fine arts studio. Perhaps it is because of our separation from theory in our practice, or in the awkward joining of theory and practice that the field is undergoing. The sectiont aht I read was on Networking and building a network. Many of the advice that si proscribed is still useful, but I can’t help but feel like it is dated information that needs to include the rapid changes in electronic communication with the advent of web 2.0, or is it 3.0 now? It feels like he is still talking about bulletin boards and unix email, rather than the streamlined methods of collaboration that keep being developed. When meeting another professor, would you rather give them a paper copy of your thirty page article when a pdf could be shared just as easily and without having to wait a week, or more for them to receive it? Although many of the principles remain the same, this article wwould do well with a revision to stay current.

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