Love it/ Hate it Websites and Design

I usually am fair minded when it comes down to what I like and what I dislike. I think I am a bit hesitant to really state strongly if I absolutely hate something. In this case, I will do my best to be exacting!
Love it:
Twitter: It’s a simple interface, clean and has interesting ways of gradually informing you of other features and drawing you in until you start to wonder “What is Martha, up to?” at ten at night.
k10k: Call it the Designer’s Lunchbox, call it a bento of design, potato, po-ta-to. I’ve loved this site since 2002 and Kaliber 10000  still looks fabulous!
Hate it:
MySpace: Yes, I’m the jerk who hates MySpace, but not for the reasons that you would suspect. I do like that it let everyone on the internet have access and I even like that  it allowed everyone to create their own ugly slice of the web. What I hated was the 8, 10, 20 or whatever number of  top friends you could have annd the non-sensical network visualization.  I, for the life of me could not see how I was connected to someone that I was not friends with and no one in my network was associated with.  I hold social networks to a higher standard. Also having to log in every five minutes is bad.
While I’m flogging the social media…I do want to give kudos to okcupid for overcoming ugly design, to make a moderately well designed and fully functional machine of awkward flirting.

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