Mode et Design Festival @ McGill University

Here are a few selected shots from the Festival Mode et Design Montreal

I only briefly attended the Festival, catching only Bedo (a chain store here in Montreal) and Tony Jordan for Lingerie Couture.

Here are some shots from Tony Jordan (Bedo was not exciting enough to warrant uploading here.)

My full flickr stream is here: Bedo and Tony Jordan for Lingerie Couture

On both nights that I went I got lucky to listen to some Montreal Bands. During the Tony Jordan for Lingerie Couture, Plastik Patrik played, all covers though. Glam as hell, but even in his g-string glory, he could only hold a candle to Fritz Helder and the Phantoms

First off:
Glorious fashion? Check
Ass long weave on lead singer? Check
Songs about fashion and poses on the catwalk? Check!
Actual dancing and striking of said poses that would put a model to shame? Check!

Was I totally in love? Check.

Here’s a sample to goggle after!

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